About GM Friends of Palestine

GMFriends of Palestine (GMPF) is a campaigning organisation committed to freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.

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GMFP has no affiliation to any political party and is a secular organisation established to provide solidarity with the Palestinian People in their struggle for self-determination. We campaign for:

  • An end to the illegal Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and a complete withdrawal of troops from all occupied territories.
  • Support the right of return for Palestinian refugees of whom there are approximately 5 million according to the UN Relief and Works Agency.
  • Equal civil, social, economic and national rights for Palestinians living inside Israel.

As an anti-racist organisation GMFP is opposed to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the apartheid nature of the Israeli state.

Since its formation in 1986, Manchester GMFP has organised a wide range of events including demonstrations, vigils, public meetings, and film shows, and raises funds for Palestinian charities and not-for-profit organisations.

GM Friends of Palestine currently holds its planning meetings for its members on-line on Zoom usually the first Tuesday of every second month although more frequently at busier times. We also have regular public meetings with speakers, details of which are circulated in our monthly newsletter and email list, and our facebook page, twitter and website.

please consider donating to support to support solidarity activity in Greater Manchester. You can donate to GM Friends of Palestine via our donation page.

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