Saddleworth Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund

Photograph above – SPWSF Social Nov 2018

Saddleworth Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund  raises money to help women in Palestine, specifically those living in the Gaza Strip, access higher education.

We work closely with Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund who manage the Fund in the UK. Groups in Sheffield, Saddleworth and Bolton are currently supporting nearly 40 women through higher education. In Gaza the Fund is managed by a panel drawn from the Board of Directors of the Red Crescent Society and the Union of Health Work Committees.

Candidates for scholarships are nominated by their local community centre and are either ready to enter university or are in the first or second year of a course but unable to continue for financial reasons. There are strict selection criteria for the Scholarship Fund, which include having attained 65% or above in high school grades, socio–economic background, commitment to the community, and personal and family circumstances such as a recent home demolition, or war injuries. Our partners in Gaza keep in contact with the scholarship students and help them overcome problems in completing their courses, from bombings to not being able to afford transport, books, equipment etc. Our partners access other small amounts of funding to cover some of these additional costs. In Britain the Fund’s supporters make donations or monthly contributions through Standing Orders, and/or by organising or taking part in fundraising events.

Any contribution is much appreciated.

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