JOIN Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine (GMFP)

If you agree with the aims of the GMFP – peace, justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people – and if you live within the county of Greater Manchester or near to, please see below for how to apply to join “Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine” locally (GMFP) and help us further these aims in practice. 

As a member of GMFP you can come to our members’ meetings and Annual General Meeting and help to decide our policies and what actions we take locally to support the Palestinian struggle. You can communicate with other members through our members’ list – activities are often organised outside of meetings.

You will need to pay £10 per month by Direct Debit. In doing so, you will be providing funds to specific local projects which GMFP has developed links with, such as crucial health care in Gaza, supporting women prisoners in the West Bank, and helping people with trauma, as well as funding towards local activism, through leaflets, educational events, raising awareness of the situation facing Palestinians. 


We use GoCardless for membership payments. GoCardless is a UK company who process payments and donations via Direct Debit. It does not require credit or debit card numbers. All you need is your bank account number and sort code.

If you agree with the aims of the GM Friends of Palestine (GMFP), click the membership payment button below to authorise your membership payment and apply to join GMFP

Membership Monthly Payments

If you would like to make a donation via another method please contact us by emailing to