Palestinian Goods Stall

GM Friends of Palestine (GMFP) sell a range of Palestinian goods including ceramics, the famous Zaytoun Olive Oil and soap, embroideries made by women’s cooperatives and dates from the Jordan Valley. All the goods we sell on the stall are sourced in Palestine. Our support helps Palestinian farmers and craftsmen and their families sustain their economy.

Palestinian ceramics on GMFP Stall

The profit from sales is returned to Palestine by supporting projects in West Bank and Gaza, e.g. providing a fully equipped vehicle as a mobile eye clinic, assisting women political prisoners with legal aid and personal items, a school for the blind in Bethlehem, financial support for women’s scholarship funds and medical facilities for the Middle East Children’s Alliance in Gaza.

As well having the stall at our public meetings we also hold stalls at a range of events in the North West including Greater Manchester  CND Peace and Craft Fair Trade Fair and Whalley Range for Peace & Justice Write for Rights. For more details regarding the stall please contact  Ellen Cooper [].