About Manchester PSC

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a group of people living in the Greater Manchester area who are deeply concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people. We are committed to supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and we are affiliated to the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which is based in London.

The Manchester PSC is a secular, non-party political group established to provide solidarity with the Palestinian People in their struggle for self determination. The Palestinian People suffer systematic oppression within Israel and its Occupied Territories. Over four million live under Israeli occupation in the West Bank & East Jerusalem (2.5 million) and the Gaza Strip (1.6 million). Another 1.3 million live as third class citizens in the state of Israel. There are almost six million Palestinians scattered across the world today. Many were expelled from their homes and land in 1948 and 1967 and have never be allowed to return. We are campaigning for:

  • An end to the illegal Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and a complete withdrawal of troops from all occupied territories.
  • An independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital.
  • Support for the Palestinian refugees right of return.
  • The abolision of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • An end to the Israeli economic blockade of the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Equal civil, social, economic and national rights for Palestinians in Israel.

Manchester PSC is a branch of the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has branches throughout the England. Over the years since our establishment in 1986 we have organised  a variety of events including demonstrations, vigils, public meetings, filmshows, pickets  and workshops, and have raised funds for a number of  Palestinian charities.