The Israeli state was recognized by the UN in 1948 on condition that it accepted the Palestinian people’s right to an independent state and the right of return. Israel has ignored this and forcibly occupied more and more Palestinian land. The Israeli occupation controls every aspect of Palestinian life from access to water, employment, education and healthcare.

Since September 2000 the state of Israel has used its high-tech army, equipped with helicopter gun-ships, F- 16 fighter aircraft, warships and tanks to maintain its siege of terror and to quell legitimate resistance to occupation. Acting with total impunity Israel has:

* killed thousands of unarmed Palestinians injured and terrorized thousanddemolished hundred of acres of olive groves and cropsshelled and bulldozed hundreds of Palestinian homesblockaded towns and villages making travel to work, hospitals and schools impossible
* assassinated Palestinian leaders

The result is the collapse of the Palestinian economy, causing starvation, rising rates of infectious diseases and a huge numbers of traumatized children.

A boycott of Israeli goods will send a message to the Palestinian people that they are not alone. It will send a message to the Israeli government that people in the UK oppose their terrorism. We call for mass consumer action, along the lines of the boycott of South African produce during the anti-apartheid campaign.


Please look at where your food comes from.If it’s from Israel, don’t buy it, complain’. Watch out for fresh vegetable including potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, onions, corn, citrus fruits, dates, strawberries and mangoes and fresh herbs. Quite a few organic lines sourced by supermarkets are from Israel. Check clothing. Stores will soon get the message if their customers question the stocking of Israeli goods.

* Carmel (avocados, dates, salad vegetables, herbs, wine)
* Jaffa (oranges, grapefruits, lemons)
* Tivali (health foods, meat substitutes)
* Osem (snacks, soups, nuts)
* Delta Galil (clothing supplied to M&S, GAP, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Playtex, Calvin Klein & Hugo Boss.)
* Yarden (wine and other foods)
* Elite (halva sweets, coffee)
* Ahava (Dead Sea beauty products)

There are also goods labeled WEST BANK. These come from the illegal Israeli Settlements. These can be found in most supermarkets – particularly fresh herbs, peppers and tomatoes

The boycott should remain in place until the Israeli occupation ends!

Boycott stickers and leaflet are available from PSC locally and nationally.

For more information on goods to boycott contact the BIG campaign