Demonstration: Free All Palestinian Prisoners

Demonstration: Free All Palestinian Prisoners


17th Apr 2023    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Piccadilly Gardens
City Centre, Manchester, LANCASHIRE

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Demonstration on Palestinian Prisoners Day this Monday 5.30pm Piccadilly Gardens
There are more than 5000 Palestinian political prisoners detained behind Israeli prison bars, including over 500 administrative detainees (incarcerated without charge) and around 700 children.
The Israeli Prison Service practices a multitude of oppressive tactics to crush the spirit of our brave prisoners, including torture, medical negligence, the stripping of rights and physical violence, among others.
Recently, the prisoner Walid Daqqa is undergoing medical treatment due to a deadly illness. Walid’s family has launched a campaign demanding his release. He was meant to be released in March of this year but the Zionist court extended his sentence for two additional years.
For the fifth time, Khader Adnan has launched a hunger strike after Israeli forces arrested him once again. He has been on hunger strike for the past 67 days and is facing severe health conditions.
Among the 29 women prisoners, seven are injured, and 15 are suffering from various health issues and are facing medical negligence.
These are just few examples. Not too long ago the prisoners were facing heightened forms of brutality and oppression by prison guards and were about to enter a mass hunger strike that ended after they courageously forced the prison administration to accept their demands.
In spite of continued assault on their bodies and spirits, Palestinian prisoners have always been at the forefront of the Palestinian resistance.
We follow their
lead in our quest for justice and liberation.
In the spirit of the Palestinian resistance, and as it is our duty to support Palestinian political prisoners until they are free, we call on you to join the demonstration 5.30pm on Monday 17 April, which marks the Palestinian Prisoners day, at Piccadilly Gardens.