Glory to the Palestinian freedom fighters!

Glory to the Palestinian freedom fighters!


29th Oct 2022    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


St Peter's Square
City Centre, Manchester, M2 3AE

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All out Saturday 29th October in Manchester St Peter’s Square at 17:00pm to honour the courageous Palestinian martyrs. 6 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raids across Palestine last night – 5 of them in Nablus. Uday Al-Tamimi, 22 years old, from Shuafat refugee camp was shot and killed by the Zionist forces during his last confrontation last week. This was after resisting the occupation at Shuafat checkpoint on Oct. 8th.


In the past 7 days, there have been 11 martyrs. Two days ago, Tamer Kilani former prisoner was assassinated by a rigged explosive device attached to his motorbike. Nablus is currently under siege, Al-Aqsa mosque is being held prisoner, and Palestinian children are being shot every other day.


Join us Saturday 29th to honour all Palestine martyrs and freedom fighters, meeting at St. Peters square!

(Next to Central Library)


Supported by:

Youth Front 4 Palestine

Manchester Palestine Action

Manchester PSC

Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine