National Day of Action to Boycott Barclays Bank

National Day of Action to Boycott Barclays Bank


26th Nov 2022    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester City Centre, Manchester, M1 1AF

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Protest 2pm this Saturday, 26th November 2022, Piccadilly Gardens:
National Day of Action to Boycott Barclays Bank for their Investment in Israeli Arms companies
As Palestine is living the birth of a whole new generation of resistance, we will also be supporting the courageous freedom fighters resisting Israel’s settler colonialism and apartheid.
Barclays invests over £1billion+ in arms companies supplying Israel, including Israeli arms manufacturer, Elbit Systems who specialise in military drones, surveillance systems, and small arms for Israeli soldiers. Much of these weapons have been used in Israel’s recent attacks such as August’s bombing of Gaza that killed 49 Palestinians (17 children) and the ongoing raids of West Bank towns like Jenin and Nablus, where dozens of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since the start of 2022.
Join us this Saturday 2pm to stop companies like Barclays profiting from the death and heartache caused by Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians and stand with the resistance on the ground. Now is the time to show unconditional support to the Palestinian people in their fight for liberation and justice.
Supported by:
Manchester Palestine Action
Youth Front for Palestine
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
United 4 Palestine
Manchester Youth For Palestine
Palestinian Forum
Muslim Association of Britain
Palestinian Community Group
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
Greater Manchester CND
People for Palestine
Oldham Peace and Justice