Protest Against BBC Coverage of the Assault on Gaza


1st Aug 2015    
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Media City
Salford Quays, Salford

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During the first anniversary of Israel’s assault on Gaza the BBC continues to give undue prominence on its airwaves to Israeli spokespeople.  It has allowed them to trot out Israeli propaganda lines  with little if any  challenge by the interviewer. Rarely has the BBC invited a Palestinian spokesperson onto the program to provide an alternative viewpoint.

A particularly sickening example of BBC coverage was the program Children of the Gaza War shown on BBC2 on 8th July.  Lyse Doucet’s empathetic interviewing was window dressing for the Israeli narrative. The views of Palestinian children were framed as Hamas propaganda, whereas the views of  Israel children were present as individual opinions. Yet again there was a total lack of historical context. The programme can still be viewed on the BBC I-Player.

The national PSC website has detailed instructions on how to may a complaint to the BBC.

Manchester Palestine Action together with Drive for Justice and FRFI are organizing a demonstration at Media City Saturday 1st Saturday August 1st  at 12 noon in response to BBC coverage of Palestine.

For more information contact Adie Mormech <>