Public Meeting in Oldham: Meet the Rooftop Protesters Monday 5th August 6pm

Public Meeting in Oldham: Meet the Rooftop Protesters  Monday 5th August 6pm


5th Aug 2019    
6:00 pm


Elbit Systems / Ferranti Technology
Cairo Mill, Waterhead, Oldham, OL4 3JA

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Monday 5th August 6pm, outside Elbit Ferranti Factory, Cairo House, Waterhead, Oldham OL4 3JA

For 3 days from July 1st to July 3rd protesters from Manchester Palestine Action occupied the roof of the Israeli Arms Factory Elbit Ferranti. There was also a peace camp on the ground that grew with many people from Oldham joining in. This is a chance to meet them and learn all about the campaign.

All of those involved had been to Palestine and have seen up close the devastating effect of the weapons that were built, developed and profited from by Elbit Systems. Elbit, who own the factory are Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer, making the drones that have been used to kill thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. They sell these weapons as “battle tested”, which means tested on Palestinians.

Come and meet the rooftop protesters and learn more about the campaign to stop the Arms Factory on our doorstep

Called by:
Oldham Peace and Justice
Manchester Campaign Against Arms Trade
Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Manchester Palestine Action
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine

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