Football Against Apartheid

In 1974 Israel was expelled by the Asian Football Association for reason of Apartheid Racism. Disappointingly, it was accepted into UEFA in 1994 despite being geographically distant from Europe.

Football Against Apartheid is calling for  Israel to be expelled from UEFA and FIFa on the grounds of racism and  gross atrocities against humanity. 538 children were killed in Gaza in 7 weeks in July/August 2014; a crime that far exceeded  those of Apartheid South Africa prior to its explusion from Fifa in 1976.

Football Against Apartheid started in London but membership is growing  across the UK and abroad. In the first instance the campaign is trying to recruit support from football fans across this country and further afield. However it is hoped that clubs and players will also become informed enough to decide to join the campaign. A group has now been form in the North West, which has already given out several thousand leaflets at the matches at Anfield  and  Old Trafford.

Volunteers are needed to leaflet and hold  two banners representing the 2 teams. On these occasions we are fans from both sides  that stand united in our campaign.   If you are able to help us, please email Helen Marks [] or   John Davies [] . The group will meet up an hour and a half before each match and finish at the start of the match. It is planned to film the action and put on You tube.

Examples of apartheid practised by Israel in football include:

  1.    Players arrested, tortured and jailed without charge for several years. (International Mahmoud Sarsak best known case).
  2.    Players attacked shot, maimed and disabled  ( Best known case  Jawhar Nasser Jawhar, Adam Abd al-Raouf Halabiya, 17 ).
  3.    Football Stadium has been deliberately bombed and destroyed   (most recently on 26 November 2012) .
  4.    Football and other sporting equipment supplied by FIFA seized by Israel  (Details is The General’s Son by Miko Peled).

For more information on football Agaainst Apartheid in the North West contact  Helen Marks [ ] or    John Davies [ ].