Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) has over £18,359 million invested in arms and military spyware companies that supply arms to Israel.

Firms like Babcock International (GMPF investment £39 million, in 2023) supply bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, military electronic equipment to the Israeli military forces. These have been repeatedly used by Israel against Palestinian civilians.

BAE Systems (GMPF investment £66million in 2023) and Raytheon  supply the Israeli military directly and/or make bombs, missiles and components for the F-35, F-16 and F-15 jets exported to Israel from the US and now deployed in Gaza.

For further details, please see the attached list of GMPF investments in arms firms.

If you are a member of the pension scheme, or if you pay council tax – then it’s your money and you should have a say in how it’s invested.

GMPF is run by a board, made up of councillors from Tameside Borough Council, on behalf of all the GM Councils – the employers; and union representatives from council workers in Greater Manchester councils.

If you are a member of GMPF (see below) , we suggest you write to the Chair of the GMPF Board Councillor Gerald P Cooney, [], who is lead Executive Councillor at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC). There is a specimen email you may wish to use or adapt HERE.

Greater Manchester Pension Fund Membership

You are a member of Greater Manchester Pension Fund if you satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • You work or have worked for any council service in Trafford, Manchester, Tameside, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Bury, Wigan or Bolton and you pay/ paid pension contributions from you salary. You can check this from your salary records or wage slips.
  • You currently receive a pension from GMPF.