Sport & Palestine Solidarity









The Palestinian Team at the London 2012 Olympics

Can international action, such as the campaign to expel Israel from both UEFA and FIFA, put pressure on Israel to comply with international law?

What role does sport play in the ongoing struggle for a free Palestine?

Is it just a leisure activity, or can it be used as a form of resistance?

The meeting will consider:

  • how Israel destroys Palestinian sports facilities in it’s regular attacks on the Gaza Strip, & targets Palestinian athletes (e.g. the arrest of footballer Mahmoud Sarsak);
  • the popularity of various sports within Palestine (including soccer, parkour, fencing and athletics – some of which were played at the London 2012 Olympics);
  • how NGOs & foreign governments support Palestinian sports men and women;

How sporting events like “The Big Ride For Palestine” can raise awareness of Israel’s illegal blockades and occupation of Palestine

7pm, Thursday 16th July 2015

Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS

Speakers to b confirmed

(behind the Central Library).