We have been relentlessly challenging local ties to the Israeli regime and genocide of the Palestinian people. Our in person action is vital in challenging these genocide profiteers, but it is essential that we maintain consistent pressure on them, even when we cannot be there in person.

AXA continues to invest over $19 million in Israeli banks and $1.4 billion in complicit companies such as Caterpillar, Volvo and IBM and we must continue to disrupt them to show that there can be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL.

On Tuesday, we will be running an all day phone blockade of their Manchester and Bolton offices. We have put together clear instructions on how to take part in this, and we are asking you to fill in at least one 15 minute slot in the day to jam their phone lines and disrupt their shameful business.

Please follow these links to see guidance on how to take part. Please fill in any time slots you can do by typing in an alias for yourself.


Time Slots:

Let’s act in big numbers and show them that they CANNOT continue to profit for genocide without major disruption in return