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Run The Wall 2024, an International event organised annually by the Amos Trust to coincide with the Palestine Marathon which takes place in Bethlehem on that weekend.  

Amos Trust have supported runners to travel to run the marathon in Bethlehem in recent years, but also have encouraged hundreds of runners/cyclists/walkers to meet locally at the same time as the marathon in an act of solidarity, to call for Palestinian rights and to demand an end to the occupation and Israeli apartheid policies. 

In the spirit of the Palestinian marathon, you can choose to run/cycle/walk 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k or any distance that suits you. We don’t know if the Marathon will take place in Bethlehem this year. Supporting the event locally however will be happening all over the world and is just one action we can take together for Palestine this year. 

You can run/walk/ride independently or join a group.

A group in Manchester are meeting On Saturday March 2nd at 10 a.m by the cafe in Alexandra Park, Whalley Range, M16. to run and cycle and walk various distances.  Some of us will be joining this. Please make your own arrangements to do this if you are interested. 

Additionally, a couple of us are also planning to do a local bike ride of about 25 miles in the Saddleworth hills on Sunday March 3rd. Details to follow. If anyone would like to join us for this ride, please reply to this email and register with The AMOS Trust. 

Registration is important for AMOS Trust to get a sense of numbers of people taking part.

Stop Gaza Genocide! Freedom for all Palestinians! 

All out Saturday 12pm to stop the Gaza Genocide! Freedom for all Palestinians!

Manchester St Peter’s Square M2 5PD

Joined by runners from Run the Wall and cyclists from the Big Ride who will be cycling from 10am

It has been 5 months of genocide. This is how Israel is intensifying its decades-long violence, wiping out a piece of Palestine and its people, and leaving those surviving with no means to go on.

5 months and the world has not stopped bloodshed nor the cries nor the growling stomaches of starved children. It has not prevented the destruction of more than half of the buildings in Gaza nor the displacement of 80% of the population. All this happening while the threat of fully invading Rafah is approaching, opening up a new disastrous chapter in this endless assault.

While this happens the West Bank is suffocating under the intensification of the brutal military occupation.
It is experiencing daily and deadly raids to its towns, villages and refugee camps, and its men, women and children are facing brutal and humiliating arrests. All this is accompanied by settlement expansion and settler violence, while further subjugating the Palestinians, leaving them no space to move, breathe and live in dignity.

We will not allow this to go on. A genocide cannot go on if we want to live in a world where justice prevails.
The infrastructure of oppression, and the apparatus of colonial domination orchestrated by the Zionist entity against Palestinians in all their whereabouts must be dismantled.
From the imperial core, we will not abandon the Palestinians, nor their cause, nor their aspirations to live in a free homeland from the river to the sea.

Join our demo on Saturday 2nd March, 12:00pm at St. Peter’s Square. In what would have been the weekend of the Palestine marathon that is cancelled this year we will be joined by runners from Run the Wall and cyclists from the Big Ride for Palestine calling for freedom and justice for all Palestinians.