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Stop Gaza genocide. Boycott Israel.

All out in Manchester on Saturday 25th May. Stop Gaza genocide. Boycott Israel. Take action! 12pm, St. Peter’s Square

It has been too many months of Palestinian bloodshed. In addition to the continuing horrific atrocities people in Gaza are suffering under relentless Israeli bombing, blockade and massacres, this morning the Israei army raided Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank yet again, killing 7 people so far.

This attack on Palestinian lives for over 76 years, escalating in the genocide in Gaza at the moment, would not have been possible without the British establishment, as well as the private corporations operating right here on our doorstep.

Our solidarity is hollow if it does not mean taking action after action to disrupt and create material change, and cut the chain of murder stretching from Britain to Palestine. Whether a worker, a student, an artist, a caregiver, a scholar, or anything else, you have responsibility and you have power.

Join our demonstration on Saturday to learn about the actions we take here in Manchester against genocide profiteers and to take to the streets again reaffirming our unwavering support for the Palestinian people. Meeting at 12pm, St. Peter’s Square

Stop Gaza genocide! Resistance until Return!

All out in Manchester, Saturday 18 May. Stop Gaza genocide! Resistance until Return! Demonstration at 12pm, Platt Fields Park (next to costume museum), Rusholme, M14 5LL

We will go out to the streets again to reaffirm our commitment: there is no stopping until liberation and return!

As Gaza still bleeds under the ongoing genocide and Israeli brutality, and Palestinians mark the Nakba (catastrophe) this month, and while the government still insists to prolong its deadly complicity, we in Manchester, from the imperial core, have a duty to rise up in the name of justice.

Join the Palestinians in their struggle and keep taking action! Join us on Saturday 18 May, 12pm, Platt Fields Park (next to costume museum), Rusholme, M14 5LL


Fundraising for Medical Aid for Palestinians

Followed by an open-discussion led by Na’amod, alongside fundraising stalls from MCR4Pal, GM Friends of Palestine and Makers for Palestine.

Tickets are Pay What You Can✨

Israelism: Two young American Jews – Simone Zimmerman and Eitan – are raised to defend the state of Israel at all costs. Eitan joins the Israeli military. Simone supports Israel on ‘the other battlefield:’ America’s college campuses.

When they witness Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinian people with their own eyes, they are horrified and heartbroken. They join the movement of young American Jews battling the old guard over Israel’s centrality in American Judaism, and demanding freedom for the Palestinian people.

Their stories reveal a generational divide in the American Jewish community as more young Jews question the narratives their synagogues and Hebrew school teachers fed them as children.

Israelism uniquely explores how Jewish attitudes towards Israel are changing dramatically, with massive consequences for the region and for Judaism itself.

Tuesday 28 May
7.30 pm
Cultplex, 50 Red Bank, M4 4HF

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