Emergency Demonstration: Hands Off Al-Aqsa! Free Palestine!

All out Saturday 8th of April 12pm at Piccadilly Gardens!
Last night the Israeli Occupation raided Al-Aqsa mosque, violently beating Palestinians and worshipers in the holy month of Ramadan.

Extremely upsetting and distressing video footage has emerged, exposing Israel’s brutality in Jerusalem and all over occupied Palestine. Israel then performed another lethal attack on Gaza, the largest open air-prison in the world with obvious disregard for anyone who may be in the bombs path.

Whilst our Palestinian brothers and sisters stood firm against the occupation confronting them inside Al-Qibla mosque in Al-Aqsa and on all fronts, we must stand with them all over the world and resist the Zionist occupation.

Resistance is a duty and the path to liberation needs us all now more than ever!

Join us Saturday 8th April and demand an end to British complicity with Israel’s brutal military occupation!

Supported by:

Youth Front For Palestine
Manchester Palestine Action
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
United 4 Palestine
Manchester Youth For Palestine
Palestinian Forum
Muslim Association of Britain
Palestinian Community Group
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
Greater Manchester CND
People for Palestine
Jewish Voice For Labour
Oldham Peace and Justice