Emergency Vigil & Protest Against The Israeli Occupation

Saturday 17th October 12  till 3pm

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

Palestinians are living under a brutal military occupation. Israeli soldiers are firing live bullets at unarmed protesters and executing Palestinians in the street. Israeli mobs are marching through the streets of Jerusalem chanting “death to Arabs”. Israeli police have sealed off Palestinian areas of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque has been under attack.  Armed settlers, living on land stolen from Palestinians are on the rampage, attacking Palestinian men, women and children. Israeli politicians have openly called for their citizens to carry weapons. Palestinians in Gaza are being bombed and killed in their homes. Despite more than 30 Palestinians being killed by Israel in the past fortnight , almost half of whom were children,  the BBC’s reporting has focused on the far fewer attacks carried out against Israelis. Yet again the BBC has also refused to place events in the context of the Israeli occupation.

Join the Manchester Protest this Saturday in Piccadilly Gardens

Email your MP now and ask them to write to Philip Hammond!


End The Occupation – No Justice  No Peace