Join the Palestine Bloc on the National Demonstration – Sunday (1st Oct) 12.00 All Saints

Join the Palestine block at the national demonstration on Sunday 1st October to protest the Tory party conference. Gather in All Saints Park, Oxford Road, Manchester, at 12pm.

Our struggle for the liberation of Palestine includes fighting all those supporting the Zionist state and its arms industry. 

As the British government continuously suppresses the pro-Palestinian voices and actions, we are here to say that we won’t allow support for Israeli settler-colonialism on our streets, and we will continue standing with the Palestinians and their fierce resistance in Jenin, Nablus, Gaza and all across Palestine.

We shut down Israel’s Elbit Arms factory in Oldham two years ago, and we will continue until Elbit are out of England entirely, no matter how much the government tries to silence activists and punish those that are preventing weaponry from taking the lives of more Palestinians. 

It is the same government that bans the right to boycott Apartheid states like Israel, is exploiting and oppressing the poor, preventing decent housing, attacking refugees here in Britain and opposing every policy that could halt man-made runaway climate change. So let’s fight against it for the sake of justice for Palestine and justice for all.