The Gaza Flotilla Story – It’s Far From Over

21st May 2015 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Speaker: Paveen Yaqub, Peace Campaigner and Humanitarian Aid Worker.

On 31 May 2010  IDF  (Israeli Defence Forces), attacked six civilian ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. On the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara, nine activists were killed in the raid and a 10th died  hospital after four years in a coma.  The flotilla, organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (İHH), was carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. The raid drew widespread condemnation internationally.

The  Mavi MarmaraMavi Marmara

Paveen participated in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla as a volunteer for the Turkish NGO ‘IHH’. She was aboard the Mavi Marmara, when the Flotilla was brutally attacked by IDF commandos. She herself was threatened, imprisoned and criminalized. As a survivor and eye witness of that attack, Paveen’s journey into peace work thus began in a dramatic and compelling way. Although her journey to Gaza was prevented in 2010, Paveen is making plans to travel to Gaza this year. In the memory of the ‘brothers’ killed on the Mavi Marmara ship, she is determined to complete her journey and honour those that perished.

Paveen will also speak about her journey to becoming a pro-Palestinian Peace Advocate. She has worked in the UK, managing extensive community based services with a strong emphasis on community cohesion, equalities, and social justice. Paveen has operated both in grass roots settings and within senior management positions in the public sector – providing services for ethnically diverse populations. Currently she is a freelance community consultant and trainer, and has recently delivered training for women on peace building, leadership, conflict resolution and citizenship.

21st May 2015 7:00 pm – 9:00 pmFriends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, behind Central Library, Manchester