All out for Palestine in Manchester! Stop the genocide in Gaza!

Saturday 16 December, 12:00pm
📍 Meeting at Platt Fields Park (Next to Costume Museum) Rusholme, M14 5LL

67 is the number of days Gaza has been under the brutalist assault imaginable. 120 is the number of mass graves found in Gaza. More than 20,000 is the number of people killed, and over 1.9 million people displaced from their homes.

This morning, in yet another deadly raid, the Israeli occupation forces killed 7 Palestinians in Jenin in an airstrike. Refugee camps, whether in Gaza or the West Bank, are being bombed and destroyed. The Palestinian refugees’ suffering is been ongoing for over 75 years.

These are not mere statistics, these are lives and stories shattered by the monstrosity that is the genocidal Israeli entity. This is not something we as people and as free spirits can and should accept. We refuse to live in a world where a genocide like this can happen, and where Palestinians are kept under a brutal settler-colonial regime that seeks nothing but to erase them. We cannot stop now, for the price of our silence is heavy. We must continue flooding the streets and our voices must echo until justice for Palestinians is achieved!

We saw how the collective power of the people can triumph! Our power forces companies to divest and factories to shut down. We must keep the spirit of refusal going and we must stop Israeli supporters operating on our streets, like we did with Puma and many others before. And we must keep going to demand Britain ends its decades-long complicity in war crimes!

Join us on Saturday 16 December, 12:00pm. Meeting at Platt Fields Park (Next to Costume Museum) Rusholme, M14 5LL