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Pre Trial Hearing – Elbit Occupiers

Two activists will be at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street, Manchester, M1 3FS for their pre trial hearing of the case starting the 21st November 2022. 

Case Details Below 

Come to show your solidarity with these brave individuals on Monday 21st November 2022, from 09.30 a.m. at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street, Manchester, M1 3FS. In June 2021, two activists from Palestine Action occupied and destroyed equipment in the Elbit Ferranti factory, causing an alleged £500,000 of damage. 

They’ll be facing down Israel’s arms trade as they battle against charges of criminal damage and burglary. Mobilise outside Manchester Crown Court from 9.30AM on the 21st November and every day of the scheduled five day trial. 

You can read the original Palestine Action press release here: 

Even though Elbit Oldham is no more, we must continue to mobilise to show our support for the activists who were arrested and are facing court proceedings. 

NOTE: These court cases are being postponed, rescheduled or cancelled at very short notice, so please keep watching our Facebook page and other social media channels for last minute changes. 

Supported by:

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Manchester Palestine Action

Oldham Peace And Justice

Greater Manchester CND

Manchester Jewish Action For Palestine 


Barclays: Don’t Bank on Apartheid – Day of Action

This Saturday 2pm Piccadilly Gardens: Protest: National Day of Action to Boycott Barclays Bank for their Investment in Israeli Arms companies

Meet at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens at 2.00 PM Saturday 1st October 2022.We will also be supporting the 30 Palestinian hunger striking prisoners who announced their strike last week.

Barclays invest in Israeli Arms Company Elbit Systems who build most of Israel’s drones and provide the cybersecurity for Israeli prisons.Demand Barclays Bank stop investing in arms companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology used to assault Palestinians.In August 2022, Israel once again bombarded the besieged Gaza strip, home to over 2 million Palestinians. The attack killed 49 Palestinians, including 17 children.

In the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military continues its armed raids of dozens of Palestinian towns including Jenin and Nablus, where dozens of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since the start of 2022.

Barclays invests over £1billion+ in arms companies supplying Israel, as well as providing them with financial services. This includes investment in Israeli arms manufacturer, Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems specialises in the production of military technology, surveillance systems, and military drones – used to brutalise Palestinians in Israel’s repeated bombardments of the Gaza Strip.

In 2018 we won the campaign to get HSBC to end their investments in Elbit Systems. Now we must keep the pressure on Barclays Bank to cut ties with Israel’s worst arms company.

2pm in Piccadilly Gardens this Saturday – come stand for Palestine and please share.

Supported by:
Youth Front for Palestine
Manchester Palestine Action
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
People for Palestine Manchester
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
Big Ride for Palestine
Manchester Stands
United 4 Palestine
Manchester Youth for Palestine
Freedom for Palestine Soc UoH
Palestinian Community Association – Northwest
Palestinian Forum
Muslim Association of British
GM Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
Whalley Range Peace and Justice
Jewish Voice for Labour (Manchester)


Support Elbit Activist – 4 Day Trial in Manchester Magistrates Court

“Ferranti 1” – 4 Day Trial next week at Manchester Magistrates Court 26, 27, 28 & 30 September 2022, 09.30 AM – 4:30 PM

One local activist has been charged with ‘obstruction of the highway’ after they locked on to a caravan outside the factory formerly known as Elbit….. that is, the Israeli arms firm Elbit’s now permanently closed factory in Oldham.
Their trial will be for 4 days in the week beginning September 26th – at the Manchester Magistrates Court below – a FOUR DAY TRIAL for blocking the road !!!!
This is how far the state will go – we need to go just as far to support!!!

Calls for support every day of trial – mobilise 9.30AM

Address: Manchester Magistrates Court, Crown Square, Wood St, M60 1PR. just off Deans Gate – round the corner from Crown Square

See relevant media links below:

Oldham protest: Two arrests at Elbit Systems factory – BBC News

Local activist blocked the road outside Elbit in Oldham last August (as seen on Manchester Evening News. (Activist visible at eg 30 seconds, 7.30, around 9.30 – 10.00 when removed and led away.)


What are the CPS doing, still pursuing this activist, over a year later….

 Dont they know – Elbit IS out of Oldham….

Event: Resistance Is Useful!

Tuesday 27th September 2022, 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. at Friends Meeting House, Manchester, M2 5NS.

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Join us to hear Mohammed Tamimi, founder and director of HIRN Hebron International Resource Network (HIRN) speak about their amazing practical grassroots actions in support of Palestinians living in the South Hebron hills, where the Israeli Occupation and illegal settlements are most visible and aggressive.A well known activist in the Hebron and Bethlehem areas he is committed to non-violence and supporting local initiatives particularly in Hebron and the villages around, affected by issues including settler attacks, demolitions and displacements.

Every year HIRN responds to a huge variety of requests from communities and individuals either in Hebron itself, or in the often remote and vulnerable villages of the South Hebron Hills. These communities are often overshadowed by well appointed and heavily defended illegal Israeli settlements which have stolen their prime land and continue to encroach on what they have left. The settlers have their own roads, access to the national grid and constant supplies of water, access to all of which are denied to their Palestinian neighbours. It is partly for this reason that Amnesty International and other human rights organisations have designated Israel as an apartheid state.

Request from communities are usually for water tanks, prefab houses (or tents), additional school rooms, playgrounds, greenhouses, health centres etc. From individuals it could be anything – a lift for a disabled resident, a cochlear implant for a teenage boy – whatever it takes to enable families and communities to stay in their homes and on their land and, in some cases, to even return to their land in spite of the constant attacks from settlers and the ever present threat of eviction and demolition.Often the work has to be carried out at night and in record time to establish ‘facts on the ground’ and delay legal action. The variety and scale of work carried out with numerous partners is phenomenal.

So come and hear all about it!


Tesco – Boycott Israeli Goods Public Stall

Please come and join us on Saturday 17th September 2022, 12.00pm -1.30pm, outside Tesco Express, Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester M18 8LD.

We will be talking to customers and explaining why we’re asking them to not buy Israeli apartheid produce. We will also be asking customers to place ‘ Boycott Israeli Apartheid’ stickers where such produce is on sale, to talk to the manager about such sales, and to sign a petition that will go to the manager.

We will have the Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall, with a variety of information, with the focus on Boycotting Israeli Apartheid.