Global Call To Boycott Israel 

All out for Palestine this Saturday 12pm at St. Peter’s Square in Manchester!

Although temporarily the bombs have stopped falling in the Gaza Strip, we cannot put our solidarity on pause while Gaza remains under siege and in dire humanitarian need. Zionist soldiers are still on Gaza’s streets and in the West Bank the vicious campaign of murders, arrests, and ethnic cleansing continue.

We celebrate the release of Palestinian women and children from the brutal zionist jails where they have faced the worst torture and inhuman conditions. It is a victory hard won by the people of Gaza and their resistance. While we must continue to highlight the devastation, we must not forget that liberation is near.

Our front in the struggle is the boycott movement. We can and must mobilise to break the links between Britain and the zionist occupation; this is the most meaningful expression of international solidarity. Join us Saturday 12pm to demand an end to British complicity in Israeli war crimes.

Honour the martyrs of Palestine and join us on Saturday to demand: Boycott Israel! Free all Palestinian political prisoners now!