How do I join in?

1. Read the instructions
2. ⁠Sign up to time-slots if you can! (Tips in the instructions on how to access the spreadsheet). If you can’t commit to a certain time or access the spreadsheet, please just register your participation on the v quick form so we have an idea of numbers!
3. ⁠Spread the word!

 What is a phone blockade?

The idea is for you to phone AXA repeatedly during your time slot (or whenever works for you), and if you get through, reading a little script we provide. It can be done from home or on your lunch break!

What do we hope to accomplish?

This action is about demonstrating the overwhelming public support for Palestine and divestment from the Zionist regime, which jams up AXA’s phone lines so that customers can’t get through in the process!  

Why AXA? AXA continues to invest over $19 million in Israeli banks and $1.4 billion in complicit companies such as Caterpillar, Volvo and IBM.  

Also, share with your friends, family, and groups!

We need as many people to join in as possible for the biggest impact!