Rise Up with Palestinian Women! Stop Gaza Genocide!

Join us this Saturday 6th April in commemoration of and solidarity with Palestinian women! Meeting at St Peter’s Square – 12pm

For over 6 months, the genocide in Gaza has only escalated. The Zionist regime has been relentless in its attempts to annihilate, ethnically cleanse, silence, expel and cause utmost suffering of Palestinians.

In addition to the brutal slaughter, starvation and torture of Palestinians in Gaza, there has been a surge in the vile, callous behaviour of Zionist forces. Palestinian women have described how they have been subjected to rape and sexual assault and threats of the same.

Palestinian women have also suffered executions, humiliations, as well as inhuman and degrading treatment during indefinite periods of detention. Palestinian mothers are unable to provide for their children due to the brutal blockade, and pregnant women are going through miscarriages after Israel shattered the entire medical sector.

All women of all ages are suffering from lack of hygiene products and necessary supplies to keep them going. Every detail just adds to the unbearable amounts of suffering, and the continuous loss of homes, communities, loves ones and lives.

Palestinian women are not only a part and parcel of the Palestinian social fabric, but are also part of the struggle, fighting at the frontlines for dignity, justice and a free homeland.

This is why from our streets, in the imperial core, we must shake the thrones of colonial, capitalist, and patriarchal systems in solidarity with Palestinian women.

We will never abandon the oppressed, and our commitment towards them, and our rage against the atrocities happening in Palestine for decades is our driving revolutionary force. So join us in the women-led march this Saturday 6th April 2023, 12pm, St. Peter’s Square