Big Banner Drop and protest in solidarity with Palestine!

Join us this Saturday 13th January on Hulme Arch Bridge, Manchester at 12pm for the Big Banner Drop and protest in solidarity with Palestine!

Palestinians in Gaza have been subjected to over 3 months of relentless violence, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Israel has made it clear that it will not cease in its attempts to extinguish the lives and livelihoods of every single Palestinian, in its bloodthirsty quest to further its brutal regime.

We owe it to the people of Palestine to stand firm with them and increase our demands for an immediate, permanent ceasefire. As the inhumane blockade, targeted bombings of civilians, destruction of schools, deliberate killings of journalists, false detentions and torture of prisoners escalate, so must our efforts. Our voices must be louder and stronger than ever.

We, alongside Palestinians, remain steadfast in our commitment to the fight against the Zionist regime, and against the complicity of the British government in the atrocities being committed in Gaza and across Occupied Palestine. We refuse to remain silent as the UK funds Israeli military and hands Israel the very weapons being used to decimate Gaza and colonise Palestine. We demand that UK stops arming Israel!

There is no grey area. There is only the side of the oppressed and the side of the oppressor. Be on the right side of history and stand with the oppressed in this 75-year old battle against the savage tyranny of Zionist occupation.

Raise your voice. Join us on Hulme Arch Bridge for the Big Banner Drop. Saturday 13th January.