Cloud studies exhibition

Following the University of Manchester’s climb down from its censorship of the Cloud Studies, we urge people to visit this amazing exhibition, which  was part of Manchester International Festival. The exhibition is on until 17th October.  Please note that it is necessary to book in advance.


Turner Prize Nomination

Forensic Architecture have been nominated for this years Turner prize.

In 2018, they were shortlisted for the Turner prize for their work Destruction and Return in Al Araqib (2018 Turner Prize edit, 10 mins), despite intensive lobbying by supporters of Israeli apartheid.

The village of al-Araqib in the northern Naqab desert has been demolished over 170 times over the past sixty years by the Israeli authorities.  Forensic Architecture (FA) worked alongside the families of al-Araqib to provide historical and juridical evidence to support the villagers claims to their land and on behalf of communities throughout the illegalised Palestinian Bedouin villages at the northern threshold of the Naqab desert.

A longer version (19 mins) of the Turner prize submission can be viewed on Vimeo.