Cultural Resistance In Palestine

Public Meeting and showing of the film, Liwan, with Palestinian Cultural and Social Activist Sally Azzam Cook

Tuesday 5th April 2022, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester , M2 5NS

Sally, a social activist born in Nazareth and a mother of two daughters, co-founded Liwan a cultural cafe in Nazareth old town in an attempt to revive the old market and preserve art and culture in Palestine. Liwan is an uplifting story about the struggle to establish a cultural cafe in Nazareth promoting Palestinian culture and driving a rejuvenation of the old city.

“ We succeeded in achieving our objective with our cultural center and within two years we got new people to join us a in the dying old market. This was more of a political than cultural act. It was very inspirational for many people who had lost hope about the state of the market. We did all of that without any governmental or international funding. It was the community that achieved this, which was also very inspiring.”

Sally will be joined by Katie Hagley, Amos Trust’s Head of Community Engagement. Together, they will share Amos’ plans for their work in Palestine in 2022 and beyond.

About Sally Azzam Cook

Sally Cook moved to Bristol with her family in July 2021 and within a couple of weeks had joined The Big Ride for Palestine, speaking at one of the evening receptions in Swindon. Sally is currently working in the Community Engagement Team at Amos Trust, and is passionate about relating, community building, story telling, and she combines that with a love of cooking.

“ I always had this dream of building a community in Palestine where people can cooperate on joint vision(restoring and reviving the old city of Nazareth )but at the same respect our differences in other areas. Setting up Liwan was my form of resistance.

After the success of Liwan,many shops started to open up in the area, and this is still going on. My aim was to build trust among each other so we can work together as a joint force to oppose Judaization projects that were threatening the area.”