Pret is planning on opening 40 stores in Israel. We must stop this from happening! Pret’s expansion supports and normalizes Israel’s human rights abuses and colonization of Palestine.

🗓 Wednesday, 22nd February
⏰ 2 PM
📍 Meet at Whitworth Hall

Israel has killed over 50 Palestinians this year and just yesterday the IOF raided the houses of Palestinian political prisoners and assaulted their families. Even with all the suppression and censorship Palestinians continue to remain steadfast and resist the occupation! While Israel continues to forcefully displace Palestinians let’s do our part and stop @pret from signing to complicity with an apartheid state!

🎨🪧 Banner Painting will take place the day before we protest – Tuesday, 21 February at 1 PM in SU 2.3

✊Supported by:
University of Manchester Friends of Palestine
Youth Front for Palestine
Friends of AlAqsa
Manchester Palestine Action
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
United 4 Palestine
Manchester Metropolitan Student Justice for Palestine
Manchester Youth For Palestine
Palestinian Forum
Palestinian Community Group
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
Greater Manchester CND
People for Palestine
Jewish Voice For Labour
Oldham Peace and Justice