Emergency Demonstration: Stop Bombing Rafah – Stop Israel’s Genocide in Gaza

6.30pm Tonight Monday 12th February
St Peter’s Square M2 5PD

Call for an Emergency demonstration as Israel has overnight begun carpet bombing Rafah where 1.5 million Palestinians have already been put in to camps and tents, ethnically cleansed from Northern and central Gaza. These displaced populations were told Rafah was a “safe zone”. The worst horror of Israel’s mass murderous attacks could now be unfolding, as all this is happening amidst starvation and disease spreading across Gaza, part of Israel’s plan to exterminate the Palestinians. Last night hundreds were killed including many more children.

Take action immediately in Manchester. Don’t stop until these heinous crimes against humanity are stopped. Don’t stop until Palestine is free.

Also join other actions in Manchester happening today and tomorrow. In total there are 3 protests currently organised:
1) TONIGHT – Trafford Town Hall 5.30
2) TONIGHT – St Peter’s Square MCR 6.30
3) TOMORROW – St Peter’s Square MCR 5.30