Emergency Rally: Global Strike for Palestine

Palestinians are calling for a global day of strike, our duty is to answer the call!

Tomorrow, 11 December 2023, is a global day of strike to demand the end of the genocide on Gaza and to say: no normal life can go on while Gaza is being annihilated.

As this brutal assault on Gaza reaches day 65, we cannot stand by and let the world go on undisrupted. We cannot stand by as the British government keeps extending its support to the Israeli genocidal entity. Britain’s complicity with the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which has been going on for over 100 years, must end now!

On this day, strike, take action, raise the Palestinian flag and talk about Gaza. The cost of our silence is heavy, it means the killing and starvation of more children, and the destruction of more homes and lives.

We refuse to live in a world where a genocide can happen. We refuse to live in a world where an entire population like the Palestinians can be subjected to over 75 years of colonisation, dispossession, murder and captivity.

We call on you to join the strike and the rally in Whitworth Park at 12pm. Keep raising up for Gaza, keep going for Palestine!