Free Ahed Tamimi / Stop Arming Israel

Palestine solidarity campaigners  protesting outside HSBC in St Ann’s Square Manchester 20th Jan 2018

  • In support of Ahed Tamimi  and the  400 other Palestinian children illegally currently held  in Israel jails.
  • Against HSBC’s involvement with the arms trade between Israel and Britain.

An Israeli military court has ordered the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi and her mother Nariman Tamimi to both be held in custody during their trials, possibly for months, despite calls from rights groups for their release. We need you to help send a message!

The arrest of 16 year old Ahed has shone a spotlight on Israel’s systematic abuse of minors through the process of military detention. It also highlights the different legal realities for Palestinians compared to illegal Israeli settlers.

Bassem Tamimi, Ahed’s father, commented that:

“The system is set up to oppress Palestinians. No one will be surprised when they sentence Ahed to prison. This is Israel’s goal: destroy Palestinians’ childhood.”

Each year the Israeli military arrests and prosecutes around 700 Palestinian children. From the moment of arrest, Palestinian children encounter ill-treatment and a denial of their basic rights.

Defence for Children International (DCI-Palestine) have just published a report Year-In-Review: Worst Abuses Against Palestinian Children In 2017 which documents much of the mistreatment.

Please help us keep this issue high on the agenda of Parliament by taking the following actions: