Free Palestine, boycott Israel!

The Israeli genocide in Gaza continues, so will our protests! Join us Saturday 9th at 11 am, meeting at Piccadilly Gardens.

Since the renewed attacks on Gaza two days ago, already more than a 1500 people were killed. Rescue teams are trying to find those stuck under the ruin, working under impossible conditions. People are reporting that their death is imminent if this does not stop. The levels of destruction are catastrophic, as homes, entire crowded neighbourhoods, factories and shops are still being bombed.

Israeli forces are still conducting daily arrest campaigns in Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps across the West Bank. Two days ago they shot dead two Palestinian children in Jenin.

In the midst of the genocidal assault on Gaza witnessed by everyone around the world, yesterday the British Ministry of Defense sent spy planes to Gaza to aid to Israeli army. Since the start, the British establishment has always been deeply complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We must keep going to put an end to these imperialist establishments as they continue to spread murder and destruction against colonised and oppressed populations.

Companies on the streets of Manchester reap profits from Israeli colonisation, further tainting their money with Palestinian blood. We will not allow them to keep going on. Any complicity with Israeli war crimes will not be tolerated on our streets. So join us Saturday 09 December at 11 am. Meeting at Piccadilly Gardens.