Thursday 28th January at 6.30pm (UK time)

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Three on-line plays performed by young people from Palestine developed as part of the Hands Up Project.

The Hands Up project works with young people in Palestine to write and perform powerful pieces of remote theatre. Come and see their inspirational messages of hope and hear their teachers discuss the challenges of working in the West Bank and Gaza.

Two plays will be performed live and the third by video.  The performance will be followed by discussion. Each play will last about ten minutes.  The plays are:

“An Exile Inside The Home Country”  

Created and performed by Raw’aa Azem Abu Arra , Ola Muhammad Abu Arra, Sarah Amjad Abu Arra.

“I Couldn’t Say Goodbye”  

Created and performed by Iman Ridwan and Marwa Husam.

“Oh My Home”

Created and performed by Nour Ziada, Haya Orouq, Rana Al-Basha , Farah Abu Obaid  and Doaa Abu Sharar.


  • Nick Bilbrough – Coordinator of the Hands Up Project
  • Amal Mukhairez – UNRWA teacher in Gaza
  • Haneen Jadallah – UNRWA teacher in Gaza
  • Shorouq Daraghmeh – Ministry of Education teacher in Tubas, Palestine.

The Hands Up Project is a UK based initiative which works with teachers and children in Gaza and the West Bank. It links remote volunteers from all over the world to classes and helps them learn English through storytelling, drama and games.  Palestinian children, of course, are no different from any other children. But in Palestine stories can take on a heightened importance. They are a powerful way to make a connection in a place where freedom of movement is severely limited, and where feelings of isolation are common. They can enable Palestinian children to connect to themselves and their own rich culture, but also to the world outside – a world which it sometimes seems has abandoned them.