Honour the children of Gaza.

All out on Saturday 23 March, 12:00pm, St. Peter’s Square. Honour the children of Gaza. Stand with the 13000 Palestinian children murdered by Israel.

For over five months the Israeli murder machinery has been doing what it does best: destroying lives, lands, homes and dreams.

This is not the world anyone should want to live in, a world where instead of being in the loving hands of their families babies and kids are being bombed, or slowly dying inside destroyed hospitals, or dying of malnutrition because of a brutal blockade, or having no energy to even cry.

On Saturday, we in Manchester, families, children and Palestine-supporters, will honor the children of Gaza, the ones that are killed and the ones that are starved, displaced, orphaned and stuck under the rubble.

We will keep on taking action against this British-supported genocide, which is not only shattering the lives of Palestinians, but also their future.

Join us on 23 March, 12:00pm, St. Peter’s Square.

Bring your children whose voices should be heard, to join us in the struggle to stop the genocide and liberate Palestine. We will have pictures of Palestinian children killed by Israel and we are asking children to carry them as they lead the march.