New Year’s Eve Vigil for Palestine!

New Year’s Eve Vigil for Palestine!

📍Meeting at St. Peter’s Square

Palestinians will be receiving the new year while some of them are under the bombs, some are struggling for life under the rubble and some are starving to death. This does not even begin to explain the reality of Palestinians in Gaza, going on for 84 days and will likely to go on if this isn’t stopped immediately!

For this to end we all have a responsibility and a duty, especially us in the Western world, in countries like Britain, one that has been complicit in Israeli crimes for over 100 years and is still providing the Israeli murder machinery with weaponry and moral support. This is on us to stop!

On new year’s eve, join us to commemorate the over 20,000 Palestinians killed, to remember the lives that have been shattered and those having to live in tents as they face the cold and the bombs and the monstrosity of the Israeli army. We will raise the words of people from Gaza, to amplify their voices as they face the continued bloodshed. This is the least we can do on this day.

Meeting at St. Peter’s Square, 11pm.