Palestine Land Day

People of and around Manchester – join us in answering the call for justice on Palestine Land Day!

Demonstration Saturday 30th March at 12pm. Meeting at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. 

On 30th March 1976, Palestinians confronted the Zionist regime by way of a mass uprising, denouncing the theft of Palestinian land. 
This was in response to an attempt from the Zionist regime to confiscate over 20,000 dunums of Palestinian land in the Galilee. 6 Palestinians were martyred; killed by Zionist forces as they took part in the uprising. 

Since then, on this occasion, Palestinians everywhere commemorate Land Day to honour the martyrs, and to reaffirm the ongoing struggle against Zionist settler-colonialism, demanding the right of Palestinians’ right of return to the land from which they were so abhorrently expelled.

On 30th March 2018, Palestinians from Gaza chose to commemorate Land Day by defying Zionist borders and participating in the “Great March of Return”, fighting to get back to their lands that got stolen from them in 1948. The Israeli military’s was the killing and injuring thousands.

48 years Post-Land Day 1976, 6 years after the Great March of Return and 75 years post-Nakba 1948, Palestinians are still being subjected to the same atrocities. 

Palestinians in Gaza are being forced to endure a genocide, unfathomable violence, torture, and starvation.

We must do everything we can to continue speaking out in support of the Palestinian cause, the Palestinians’ fight for justice and return, and holding accountable all complicit governments and corrupt profiteers operating on our doorstep which pride themselves on filling their pockets off the back of Palestinian suffering!

Join us on Palestine Land Day – Saturday 30th March at 12pm. Meeting at Piccadilly Gardens.