Protest against Israel’s 75-year Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine!

All out in Manchester for the Big Saturday demo 6th January at 12:00. Meeting at St. Peter’s Square. Protest against Israel’s 75-year Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine!

What haven’t the people of Gaza gone through in the past 89 days? Continued bombings, starvation, intensified blockade, destruction of all vital facilities, forced displacement, arrests, executions, and the list goes on. In 3 months, Israel has managed to practice all forms of violence and terror, further intensifying murderous policies it has been practicing for 75 years.

During this time of the year we would be commemorating 14 years since the Israeli brutal assault on Gaza in 2009, which led to the murder of 1400 Palestinians in three weeks. The 2009 massacre is only one example of the many Israeli assaults against the people of Gaza, in addition to 16 years of medieval blockade. Israel has turned Gaza into a main testing field for new weaponry, a place to imprison an entire population, majority of which are refugees, and a place subject to continued and violent attacks that led to the killing of thousands of people.

We are seeing how Israeli officials are expressing what has been the Zionist regime’s main objective since the start: To ethnically cleanse Palestine. They are talking about forcibly displacing Palestinians, something they already have endured time and time again, but continue to fight against with all their might, to remain steadfast on their lands in spite of everything.

In order to achieve its plans, Israel has also relied on a racist and Islamophobic propaganda, spreading lies about Palestinians, ones that are being continuously parroted on mainstream Western media outlets.

The fate of Palestinians, their lives and their cause, is our responsibility too. It is our collective duty to ensure justice, dignity and freedom are achieved. From the heart of the country that sold Palestine away and promised a land that was not theirs to a settler-colonial movement, we will continue raising our voices against this Western-backed genocide, and we will continue fighting all complicity with Israeli crimes, and we will keep going until Palestine is liberated.

Join the demo on 6 January at 12:00. Meeting at St. Peter’s Square.