Protest at the BBC!
British Media Complicit in Gaza Genocide

Join us Saturday 23rd December, 1:00pm, at BBC HQ, MediaCity UK, Salford, M50 2QH

73 days with Gaza under the brutalist onslaught known to mankind, with no end in sight. Israel is doing what it does best, practicing all forms of violence it excels at, whether through bombing, starvation, humiliation, displacement, torture and attacks on all means of life.

On Saturday 23 December our destination will be BBC, which has been parroting Zionist propaganda since the start. Along with other racist, Islamophobia and Arab-hating outlets the mainstream media has been playing an active role in legitimising the genocide and the attack on Palestinian life. BBC has proven both its lack of any sense of humanity and its lack in professional reporting. While Palestinian journalists are being killed and targeted, themselves and their families, these media outlets are standing on the wrong side of history. And while Palestinian journalists are standing heroically in the face of this erasure, western media is siding with the oppressors!

Manchester has said it before, this western-backed genocide will not happen under our watch, and any complicity with Israeli crimes will not pass. We have been taking to the streets for 12 consecutive weeks and we will continue to do so no matter how long it takes, to stand against all those supporting the Israeli murder machinery and to raise our voice for Gaza and for Palestine.

Join us Saturday 23rd December, 1:00pm, to show BBC and the Zionist entity and all those supporting it that we will not allow this to go on. Meeting at BBC HQ, MediaCity UK, Salford, M50 2QH.