Protest: Defend The Elbit Occupiers

Thursday 24th 9:30 am February Minshull Street Crown Court, The Court House, Aytoun Street, Manchester, M1 3FS Please note this may be rescheduled

Three activists, arrested for carrying out direct action at  the Elbit Systems arms factory in Oldham, are in court to plead. Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest private arms company. There will be a protest outside the court starting at 9:30 am.

In 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2021 Israel attacked Gaza and bombed its people, killing over 3500 Palestinians, seriously injuring tens of thousands more whilst destroying homes, schools & hospitals and other vital public infrastructure. Israel’s attacks on Gaza are now being investigate by  the International Criminal Court as war crimes. Elbit Systems military drones and surveillance systems were deployed in all these attacks.  What is more Elbit markets its military hardware as being battle tested, which means used to kill and maim Palestinian and destroy their homes and livelihood. It brags that it can make extra-judicial killing “as easy as ordering a pizza“.

Elbit Systems are seeking punitive damages, their action shine a spot-light on Elbit’s complicity with Israel’s crimes. Any damage to their factory is justified by the widespread destruction and loss of life caused by the company.  Manchester PSC calls for all charges against the activists to be dismissed.

After years of campaigning Elbit Systems sold their factory in Oldham in January see details.

Drop the All Charges against Elbit Protesters

Stop Arming Israel

Defend the Right to Protest