Resistance until Return. Nakba Day commemoration in Manchester this Wednesday 15th May.

Resistance until Return. Nakba Day commemoration in Manchester this Wednesday 15th May. 12pm stall and Nakba Exhibition at Piccadilly Gardens (need help a little earlier and leafletting all day) and 18:30pm march starting from the exhibition in Piccadilly Gardens.

It has been 76 years since the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in 1948 by Zionist militias, leaving over 500 villages completely destroyed, and over two-thirds of the Palestinian population displaced. The Nakba led to the creation of the biggest refugee population in the world, over 7 million Palestinians waiting to return to their homeland.

Since then, Palestinians haven’t had a day of peace. In every way possible Israel has tried to further eliminate Palestinians and crush their physical and collective existence.

We are commemorating the Nakba this year while Gaza is facing its continuation in the most horrific way possible, living the atrocities of Israel’s genocidal practice day by day. We are also witnessing what we and Palestinians have always known, and it is Britain’s continued complicity in Israeli crimes. From promising the land of Palestine to the Zionist movement to the active participation in the current onslaught on Gaza, Britain is still set on holding onto its murderous ways.

It is our duty to stand with the Palestinians in their struggle for return, liberation and justice. We remain as committed and resilient as ever to uphold the Palestinians’ aspirations for dignity and the shaking off of Israeli settler-colonialism and oppression.

We join Palestinians in their continued resistance and Intifada. So join us at 12pm for a Nakba commemoration stall with huge Nakba exhibition, and at 18:30pm for a Nakba commemoration march, Piccadilly Gardens.