Stop-G4S Campaign Petition launch

The Stop-G4S Campaign are launching the paper petition on Tuesday 3rd of February at a rally called by Pat Karney to “Stand up for Manchester” against the cuts. Given that Manchester council are making the cuts and lining the pocket of private contacts the campaign thought that this is a good opportunity to protest.

We are calling on people to meeting Albert Square 4.30 to 6pm (giving time to get to PSC branch meeting at 6.30).

We will have banners, leaflet and petitions, so we need as many people as possible to be there. The cage with G4S guards with a Palestinian prisoner will be there. Hopefully we will get some publicity.

Please join the protest.

Please can you sign the petition now!  to get Manchester council to give G4S no further contracts. Help the campaign to get 4000 signatures in record time.

G4S are guilty of human rights abuses and part of privatisation of public services and anti trade uion practices

They have committed fraud by charging for tagging offenders who were back in prison, or no longer on the list and some even dead! They are complicit in torture of Palestinian prisoners held illegally in Israel.

Their staff have been responsible for responsible for the illegal killing of  Angolan refugee Jimmy Mubenga and other deaths. G4S has systematically failed to provide adequate housing for those seeking asylum in Yorkshire & the North East. The housing was described as ‘squalid run down housing’ by Keith Vaz Chair of the Home Affairs Committee.  We also calling for Manchester Council to adopt an ethical procurement contract.

Please sign yourself and  send it round to everyone else now!