Stop the Genocide on Gaza! Stop Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine!

Saturday 17 February, 12:00pm, Piccadilly

What more can be said about the situation in Gaza?
How many more photos and videos do we have to see?

This world has made Palestinians showcase their pain and suffering, and their maimed and murdered bodies, but it is still not enough.
While our lives go on, the people of Gaza are living an endless nightmare under Zionist brutality.

After destroying everything in their way, and shattering people’s entire homes and hopes, the Israeli military is now attacking Rafah, the so-called “safe zone” that is now sheltering millions of Palestinians inside tents.

People are asking “where are we supposed to go?” After 131 days of genocide, people are still asking this question, and the atrocities have still not ended!

Israel will not rest until it finishes its project: ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. Genocide has always been part and parcel of this ideology and strategy.

But Israel must know this: We too will not rest until we put an end to this monstrosity.

We too will not rest until Palestine is free!

The streets here have spoken: Manchester stands with Palestine. Manchester stands with the oppressed, and Manchester fights alongside those fighting for freedom in Palestine. Join the demonstration on Saturday, 17 February, 12:00pm, Piccadilly Gardens.

Bring flags, placards and plenty of noise.