Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture 2nd April 2014

This year’s  speaker

Daniel Machover (Head of Civil Litigation, Hickman & Rose Solicitors, London)

Are Some Or All Palestinians Victims Of Israeli Apartheid?

Daniel Machover specialises in international human rights law, civil actions against the state and representing bereaved families at inquests into deaths in custody. Daniel’s work for victims of war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity has placed him at the forefront of the movement for universal criminal jurisdiction over the most serious human rights violations and equal application of the rule of law in all circumstances. In 1988 he co-founded Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and is now one of the trustees of the LPHR charitable trust, which runs ground-breaking legal projects. Daniel was also one of the legal advisers to the jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Daniel’s talk will focus on the matters discussed by the RTOP in Cape Town, namely the question of Israeli apartheid.

Tom Hurndall was a student at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). He was fatally wounded by the Israeli Defence Force whilst protecting Palestinian children in Gaza. He died on January 13th 2004. Since 2005 MMU has hosted a Memorial Lecture which has attracted prestigious figures willing to speak out against what was done in 2004 and what is still being done now by the Israeli State. For more details about this lecture and previous lectures, visit the Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture page on Facebook. The organising group for the lecture is from MMU and Manchester University.

6.00, 2 April 2014

Lecture Theatre C0.14

John Dalton Building, MMU

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