Protest at Trafford Council Meeting

Trafford Town Halls flew the flag for Ukraine and lit up blue for Israel after October 7th, but refused to do either for the victims of the bombing of Gaza

Over 500 signatures were collected on a petition demanding equal respect for Palestinian lives. This number should, according to the Council’s website, require the issue to be debated at a full Council meeting

Instead the Council rushed through a change of Policy forbidding the lighting up of Council buildings and rejected our petition, thus ignoring the democratically expressed wishes of everyone who signed in good faith in accordance with Council rules

We refuse to accept this lying down. We will protest at the full Council meeting on 31st January. All the Councillors will be there

They may refuse to commemorate the murdered children, women and men of Gaza, but we will have our own commemoration

Bring flags, signs, lights, torches, most of all bring yourselves and others

6pm Wednesday 31st January, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Rd M32 0TH