Demonstration + Public Meeting This Sunday 11.30 am: Ceasefire Now, Raise the Voice Of Gaza

Sunday 28th January, 11:30am public rally and march starting at Platt Fields Park in Rusholme, leading to a public talk by Palestinians from Gaza at 2pm at the Mechanics Institute on Princess Road, off Oxford Road.

The genocide has reached day number 108. Atrocities have been going on for this long and hundreds of people are still being killed each day.

Scenes of orphaned kids, starved children, bombed neighbourhoods, executions, mass arrests, injured bodies piling up on the streets, destroyed homes and hospitals, forced displacement under a complete blackout are ongoing scenes that will haunt this world forever.

Too many are to blame. In addition to decades of complete financial and military support to Israel, the British and US establishments have again bombed Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, for the sake of both profits and the continuation of the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Time to say it as it is, this is not just complicity and not just enabling. These establishments are killers, and our responsibility here is even more crucial than ever!

The blackouts in Gaza will never make us blind to the suffering of Palestinians, and nothing will ever make us veer from the path towards justice and liberation for Palestine.

Our commitment towards the Palestinians is unwavering, steadfast and relentless. That is why we will take to the streets no matter how long it takes to fight alongside them to rid the world of Zionism, and we will always amplify the voices of those that are at the direct receiving-end of Israeli monstrosity.

Join us on Sunday 28th January in Platt Fields Park (next to the costume museum), Rusholme M14 5LL at 11:30am to rally and march for Palestine, and at 2pm at the Mechanics Institute, Princess Street M1 6DD for a public meeting to listen to voices from Gaza.