Banner Drop on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

Join the banner drop on Palestinian Prisoners’ day this Wednesday April 17th, at Hulme Arch Bridge, 5.30pm

Palestinian political prisoners form the backbone of the movement and the compass of the fight for Palestinian liberation. Over 10,000 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by the Zionist regime.

Many prisoners have spent years in Israeli prisons without formal charge or trial. Israel detains Palestinians indefinitely on a continuous basis.

The conditions in Zionist prisons suffered by Palestinian prisoners are maliciously and intentionally brutal and degrading. The prisons are overcrowded, with poor sanitation, and there is little to no access to medical care.

Palestinian prisoners also face abhorrent physical and psychological abuse during interrogation and throughout their incarceration.

Last week, 62-year old Walid Daqqa became the 251st Palestinian to be killed in Zionist prisons since 1967, after 38 years of incarceration. Make no mistake, the Zionist regime murdered Walid through infliction of torture, and deliberate denial of medical treatment.

We must do everything in our power to honour Palestinian prisoners and demand their freedom. This is part and parcel of the demand for a free Palestine. As we call for cessation of the genocide in Gaza, we also call for the dismantling of the Zionist regime and the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners shackled by the Zionist state.

Join us on April 17th in honouring our martyrs, in commemorating the sacrifices made by Palestinian political prisoners, and calling for a free Palestine – from the river to the sea!