Free All Palestinian Political Prisoners

All out in Manchester on Saturday 20th April to demand an end to the Gaza genocide and the freedom of all Palestinian political prisoners! Meeting at Piccadilly Gardens – 12pm

Over 6 months have passed and the genocide being committed in Gaza is as relentless as ever. The Zionist regime continues to slaughter Palestinians remorselessly and with impunity. Zionist forces have also been continually detaining Palestinians in Gaza and subjecting them to torture, brutalisation and physical violence on a daily basis, as well as premeditated murder and systematic executions whilst in detention.

The Zionist regime has historically used indefinite detention as a tactic to further its colonial hold over Palestine, and to ethnically cleanse Palestinians through carceral practices.

There are currently around 10,000 Palestinians imprisoned across Occupied Palestine, and the number is increasing day by day. Since 1967, 251 political prisoners have been killed in Zionist prisons, not least because of the brutal conditions they are subjected to.

The most recent example is 62-year old Walid Daqqa, a Palestinian activist and novelist. Walid was murdered last week by the Zionist regime by infliction of torture and denial of medical treatment. He spent 38 years imprisoned. Walid was a renowned writer and intellectual and though his physical being was incarcerated, his mind remained unshackled, using his words to express the spirit of Palestinian resilience and maintain calls for the freedom of his land and people.

We honour Walid as a martyr, alongside all those who have given their lives for the cause. We must carry and amplify their voices and continue the fight for liberation.

More clearly than ever, we are witnessing the deep-rooted active participation of the British government in 75 years of apartheid, oppression, and now the Gaza genocide. We cannot let this continue and we must do everything in our power to unequivocally demand every complicit crevice of British economy be cleansed of profit made from the oppression of Palestinians.

So raise your voices for Palestine and join us on Saturday 20th April. Meeting at Piccadilly Gardens – 12pm.