BREAKING: Students at the University of Manchester have set-up camp! Come along, join them and provide support!

As the genocide in Gaza continues relentlessly, and following the recent wave of student escalation across the world against their complicit institutions, students at UoM have launched the Manchester Resistance Camp for Palestine, and are committed to pressure UoM to cut its deadly ties with Zionist entities and weapons manufacturers.

The demands from Uni are:
-End its partnership with BAE Systems

-End ties with Tel Aviv University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

-Adopt a policy ensuring all research is ethical and does not contribute towards the arms trade.

-Refrain from taking any disciplinary action against students.

Everyone in Manchester, activists and community, must show support for the students, and must keep showing solidarity with the Palestinians and their struggle for liberation. Join us at the camp on Brunswick Park, Brunswick St., Manchester M13 9PL