Stop Gaza Genocide. Solidarity with Gaza Workers.

All out Saturday 4th May in Manchester. Stop Gaza Genocide. Solidarity with Gaza Workers. Meeting at St. Peter’s Square, 12pm

Nearly 7 months and Gaza is still bleeding. What more has to happen for this to end? What more the people of Gaza have to endure for this world to turn the tide?

The rivers of bloodshed, the piles of rubble, the mass graves will forever be scars engraved on the bodies and souls of Palestinians, and a reminder of the atrocious and ongoing complicity of global powers in the suffering of Palestinians.

As we watch the continued massacres and crimes Israel is committing in Gaza, we are also witnesses of the resilience of the Palestinians who in spite of everything are doing what they can to help each other. We are inspired by the spirit of the courageous Palestinian workers, whether healthcare workers, educators, municipal workers, journalists and others, that were committed to their communities and refused to back down in spite of the relentless bombing, brutal blockade, and impossible conditions they were working under.

Palestinian workers have always been a central pillar in the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice. In the week of International Workers’ Day, we heed their demands to stand with them in struggle and take action until Palestinians are liberated and living a dignified life in a free homeland. So this is what we will do!

Join us on Saturday to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian workers and to demand an end to the genocide in Gaza. We must reaffirm our commitment to the freedom of Palestine from the river to the sea and to the dismantling of Israeli settler-colonialism! Meeting at 12pm, St. Peter’s Square